From left to right: Toby Call, Sara Devereux, Oliver Melville & Francesca Spencer 



 Playing at number 1 our very own speedster Francesca Spencer  who has taken her formula one racing skills to the polo pitch and accelerated into the Varsity team this year. Francesca is studying for her PGCE at Hughes Hall, and joined CUPC after playing for two years at Inglesham Polo Club. When not travelling at speed in sport she is known to zoom off to Disneyworld in Florida, where she has been no less than 15 times! Known for her fearless nature and epic riding skill with the toughest of ponies. 



Playing at number 2  is Sara Devereux. Sara is studying an MPhil in BioScience Enterprise at Queens College (Natsci/Trinity undergrad). 
A true equestrian, Sara consistently ignores her own modelling credentials and picks her favourite photos based on how good the horse looks, despite having featured on - illegal - billboards in Times Square NY herself. Sara is the woman who has made polo possible for the entire club for the last two years, scheduling lessons, coaches, horses and matches and increasing the accessibility of polo for the entire university. A homegrown polo talent! 



Meet Mr Oliver Melville, playing at number 3 on our mighty Varsity team for June 3rd.
Oli is studying for a PhD in English Literature at Homerton College. From the outback of South Africa where he was once nearly eaten by a lion, Oli brings speed, strength and a warriors mindset to our team. Oli is known for putting his body on the line for glory, not only as a star of our charity naked calendars but he also was once hospitalised in Italy after losing a sword fight in an abandoned monastery in northern Lazio. A thrilling player to watch



Blues Captain and playing at number 4 is Toby Call. 


Toby is at Girton College studying a PhD in bioenergy and industrial biotechnology. He started riding/polo at Cambridge 3 yrs ago and has rocketed up the ranks to captain because of his athletic skill and fearless nature. A master of fun, when not leading our blues to glory, Toby plays the didgeridoo (not a euphemism).



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