3 Strong Wins Against Royal Holloway

Our intermediate, novices and beginners came away with a strong win against Royal Holloway.

Beginners Match Report 15-5 Win

As the ford focus pulled into Cambridge County Polo Club Oli stepped out of the front passenger seat with an air of healthy confidence about him. After a brief fiasco concerning the zip of Ben’s boot, where Pablo came to the rescue, the team consisting of Ben Lawrence, Oli Melvill and Francisco de la Pena were mounted and ready for the first Chukka.

The team lined up against the sturdy looking opponent of Royal Holloway and the match began. In no time at all after the roll Ben had taken the ball down the right wall and with little opposition placed it against the backboard. The rest of the first Chukkas continued to be a great success with very effective marking meaning the ball rarely left the Cambridge half. Four more goals were scores this chukkas, three by Ben moving the ball across the area and away from opposition and the forth by Oli with a good hit from the 25. Cambridge went into the second chukka with good 5point lead. However, as soon as the second Chukkas began it was clear that Royal Holloway had picked up their game. Unfortunately, this increased competition lead to one of the Holloway riders falling gracefully to the ground. Fortunately, she was fine and commented on the quality of our area to fall on. Cambridge continued to dominate the play and left the second chukkas 8-0.

The second half of the match begins with a goal from Royal Holloway scored from the roll in. This lead to a breakdown of teamwork on the Cambridge side and very messy play all round. Unfortunately, this included a penalty 1 conceded by Oli and Francisco clipping the chin of one the Royal Holloway Players. This messy chukka lead to Holloway scoring three goals. Despite this, Cambridge went into the final chukka 11-3 including a clean backhand goal from Francisco. The final chukka was much improved with better communication on the Cambridge side and much cleaner play leading to a final score of 15-5 to Cambridge. Goals Scored: Ben – 9, Oli – 4, Francisco – 2.

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© Cambridge University Polo Club 2019. Photography by Charlie Newton