Weekly Lessons/ training
Please leave 1 hour 10 minutes free before the start of your lesson for transport (you will be sent an email the night before regarding travel arrangements). Signs up will close at 12pm on the day before the lesson. Please be ready to mount 10mins before your lesson starts.

See latest email from the club regarding times and dates of lessons.


Lesson Cancellations


Lessons can be cancelled or swapped up to noon the day before the lesson. After this, players who cancel lessons will not be refunded. Players may attempt to find another member to take their lesson for them. In these cases:

● The member must be playing in the same level.

● The players wishing to swap must contact the polo manager at


● The swap must be approved by La Matuza pony hire. We will let you know once it has been approved.

● If your swap has not been approved, a pony will not be provided for the student wishing to take the lesson.


Any player not turning up for lessons, or unable to find a suitable replacement approved by La Matuza and CUPC, will be required to pay the full price of the lesson (i.e. the subsidy for the lesson will be revoked). Players will not be able to participate in any further CUPC events until this balance has been settled. The CUPC executive committee may waive this fee at their discretion. By purchasing lessons with CUPC, you agree to this policy.

Lessons week beginning 17th February




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