Polo is a team sport played on horse back. The objective is to score goals against the opposing team. This is done by using a mallet to hit the ball through the opposing teams' goal. 

Cambridge University Polo Club competes at two types of polo:

  • Arena polo played in a sand filled arena, with an air-filled ball and limited to 3 players on each team.   

  • Grass polo played on a large grass field with a hard plastic ball and 4 players on each team. The Varsity match against Oxford University is played on grass at Guards Polo Club annually in June. 

Cambridge University Polo Club plays arena polo through the two terms of Michaelmas and Lent, while the final term is played on grass.



Watch Cambridge University Polo Club play the University of London 

Polo has numerous rules that are designed to ensure the safety of the players and ponies during play, to read the full rule book click on the link below: 

Guards Polo Club



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