Membership to CUPC is open to students and members of the University of Cambridge only. We offer alumni membership for previous members. You do not need to have ridden or played polo before to join, we offer lessons for beginners/absolute beginners. Membership for students can be purchased either per term or for the whole year.




Do you need to be able to ride to join?

No, we offer lessons for absolute beginners.

Where are lessons held? 

Lessons are held at Cambridge County Polo Club (CB25 9HF), which is around 25-30 minutes drive from the centre of Cambridge. 

How much do lessons cost? 

Lessons are £35 for 1 hour. 

Is there a weight limit for lessons? 

Yes 15 stone. 

What do I wear to my first lesson?

We provide ponies and polo mallets but you need to bring a suitable riding helmet (this must be BS kitemarked and certified PAS 015:2011 with a either a three or four point harness, helmets that are not kitemarked are not permitted). If you are not safely attired you will not be allowed to ride and will still be charged for your lesson.

We also recommend that this is correctly fitted by a hat fitter to ensure optimum saftey and comfort. You should also wear sturdy shoes with a heel, and suitable trousers (i.e jeans or jodhpurs). 

For a list of approved polo helmets please visit the HPA website here.

You can also wear a standard riding helmet but this must also be compliant with the correct standards.

What other equipment do I need for polo? 

Kneepads are required to play in matches, but are not mandatory for lessons. However we recommend using them if possible since polo is a contact sport and knee pads reduce the risk of bruises and other injuries. Other equipment needed for polo are mallets (we supply these but you may wish to purchase your own, please ask  for recommendations if you are not sure what type to buy). For grass polo you can also purchase safety glasses. 

Where can I purchase polo equipment? 

Members can purchase some equipment from the club. High quality technical equipment can also be purchased from our sponsor, La Martina: 

Brands such as RJ Polo and Polo Splice also offer good equipment. Second hand equipment can also be purchased on facebook groups like chukkout polo or ebay. (However we do not recommend purchasing second hand helmets since they may have been damaged by their previous owners and not provide effective protection). 

How do I join/renew membership?

Follow the link below to get to the membership purchasing page where you can pay for and fill out the form to become a member:

How do I get to my lesson? 

We arrange transport, either a taxi which normally leave from St John's Chophouse around 45-50 minutes before the lesson. Or if someone in your lesson can drive then we arrange transport with them. For the drivers every 4 drives is refunded with a free lesson.

I have booked for the wrong lesson/can't attend the lesson? 

Please email This must be done at least 24 hours before the lesson otherwise no refunds will be issued, or changes made. 

What lesson level should I book for? 

Absolute beginner -> is designed for people who have no riding experience or polo experience. 

Beginner -> is for people with some riding experience but none/little experience of playing polo. 

Novice -> is for people with 1 year or more polo playing experience. 

Intermediate -> is for people with 2 or more years playing. 

This is suggested as a guide and the coach/polo manager may move people up/down lesson levels if necessary. Please only book for the level that you have been cleared to play for safety. Any questions about moving lesson level please ask the coach in your lesson. 

How are teams selected? 

Teams are selected by our coach Francis Molyneux. 

I am keen to help out with CUPC, how do I get involved?

We are always keen for people to help, please get in touch through

Why are polo lessons so expensive? 

Polo lessons are expensive because there are a number of costs that are involved, for just one lesson we have to hire a pony per student plus one for the coach, pay the coach, and also pay for transport back and forth between Lode and Cambridge. The club subsidises each lesson by over £35 per student to keep them affordable. 





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